Welcome to Eastlake Mandarin Chinese Tutoring

EL Education is Mandarin Chinese Tutoring Class started by a group of higher educators and mothers. With a sincere love of children, a profound passion for education and a determination for teaching the language and the culture, we started the Mandarin Chinese Tutoring class first in Eastlake community, leading learners to explore the beauty of Chinese language and culture.


  • Reading starts from character recognition. Associating Chinese characters with pictures helps children to learn to memorize Chinese characters in a fun way and understand the wisdom of Pictographs and Ideographs in the writing system.
  • Self-compiled textbooks highlighting classical works and cultural essence.
  • Extraordinary instructing teams with experience of Mandarin Chinese Education and localized Early Child Education
  • Learn to read in studying classical works, learn about the world through stories, shape characters while reading poems and rhymes, and explore the beauty of Chinese culture, decode while appreciating pictographs and Ideographs, learn and practice integrating western and oriental culture

Classical Textbooks (Demos)
Diverse Cultural Elements—popular with the kids


  1. Integrating traditional and modern, western and oriental cultures
  2. Based on classical works, we deliberately compiled textbooks aiming to educate the children while reading rhymes and listening to stories
  3. Benefit the community—Establishing an enjoyable language environment for young language learners by involving all the Chinese-speaking community